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Biological Solutions provides natural and organic solutions for:

Waste treatment
Refinery lagoons
Dairy and animal lagoons
Lakes and water resources
Reclamation of land and water

Farming - Growers
Fruit Producers
Organic Growers

Golf Courses
Turf Farms

  Natural Resource for Remediating Soils.
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Increase fertilizer conversion
  • Assists water penetration
  • Prolongs water retention
  • Encourages healthier plants
  • Increases fertilizer conversion
  • Buffers salt and alkali problems
  • Loosens tight soil
  • Helps soften hardpan and caliche



  Distributorships are available in the regions of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Northern New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. Contact us for information on how you can become a retailer of these incredible environmentally safe products.  

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